Welcome to The Modified Ford Club


The Modified Ford Club is an officially registered and incorporated South Australian based club that has evolved from a small group of Ford enthusiasts in January 2006. We are a club that creates a friendly environment where members can participate in professionally organized club events such as track days, club cruises, car shows and other motor events, plus social gatherings which include BBQ’s and family days.

The Modified Ford Club is open to any vehicle of any age manufactured by Ford worldwide. Member’s vehicles are not required to be modified in any form but are required to be road worthy. Vintage and restored vehicles are also welcome.

If you are looking for a club to enjoy your Ford vehicle or you are just a diehard Ford fanatic wanting some motoring action with other enthusiasts, please check out the Modified Ford Forums where you can sign up to enjoy the benefits of knowledge from a large group of Ford enthusiasts. You can also find out about cruise events, ask technical questions, search for car parts or even put parts up for sale.

If you would like to become a financial member you can select the M.F.C Membership link at the top of this page and fill out the form. Financial membership brings with it access to even more features on the forum and allows you to join us on members only cruises and events.

We hope that everyone will enjoy communicating with other Modified Ford Club and Forum members and get to know new people, and join the Modified Ford Club as a financial member to enjoy our upcoming club events throughout the year.

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